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Our Lone Surviving Pumpkin!

MHES had its first annual Pumpkin Drop on Friday, November 3, 2017

We had only 1 pumpkin survive the 75 foot drop!

Thanks to all the Mt. Hope Firemen who went up and down the ladder to drop the pumpkins!

Lone Surviving Pumpkin!

Our Lone Surviving Pumpkin from the 1st Annual Pumpkin Drop!

1st Graders are Thankful!

Ms. Tyree's class made pumpkins about things in which they were thankful!  The garland drapes in the hallway.

Pumpkin Garland

Thankful Pumpkin Garland


Close Up of one of the Pumpkins in the Garland

Here is a close up of one of the pumpkins in the garland.  You can see a few of the items for which students are thankful.

Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety!

Mount Hope Fire department presented lessons on fire safety to all classes at MHES. The firemen gave every student a backpack which included, among other items, a fidget spinner. Students were thrilled, and Ms. Darnell's second grade class incorporated the fidget spinners as timers during a math lesson.

Fire Safety Math Lesson

Fidget Spinners from the Fire Safety backpacks were incorporated into Math in Darnell's 2nd grade class!


More math with Fidget Spinners!

More math lessons with fidget spinners!

2nd Grade Donates Books to a Texas School!

Darnell Donates Books!

Ms. Darnell's second grade class did a community service project to donate new books to Ms. Simmon's second grade class in Corpus Cristi, Texas. Ms. Simmon's class lost all of their classroom supplies and books in the recent hurricane and flooding. MHES students and teachers donated new books to send to the class.

Turkeys in Disguise!

Ms. Tyree's class disguised their turkeys so that no one could find them for Thanksgiving!

Turkeys in Disguise

Here is the bulletin board with all the turkeys.


Here are a few of the turkeys up close!

Cupcake Turkey

I'm calling this one the Cupcake Turkey!


Scarecrow Turkey

Here is a Scarecrow...NOT a turkey!


Minion Turkey

This is a Minion...NOT a turkey!


Come see all the turkey disguises at MHES!

Meet the MHES Staff for 2017 - 2018

MHES Staff


Meet the faculty and staff of MHES!  We are excited about this school year!

Mount Hope Mural

Mt. Hope Mural


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