Dear Parents,

During the winter of 2016-2017 Fayette County will be using a new system of trying to keep the school system open more days when we receive inclement weather. Fayette County will still try to keep safety as our top priority and will still cancel school when necessary. Fayette County Schools will vary runs when possible, and have asked us to notify you in advance of the roads we will need to vary in the event of inclement weather. The school system will use the attached plan for your student’s run if we announce the words (SNOW ROUTES) when we make our announcement. If you choose, you can meet the bus at the noted location at the time listed. I will notify your student’s school in advance how I am varying the run, so if your student is absent, that absence doesn’t impact incentives etc.  Parents can always choose on snow route days if they feel conditions are unsafe, to not send their student to school. These absences will not impact your student’s attendance incentives if you send a note with your child the next day.  Please make sure your student’s school has your correct phone numbers in the information system, so you can receive all information. If you have any questions, please call your student’s school.


PS   If the system calls for a snow route in the morning, the bus will drop off at the snow route location on the evening run.