Suicide Prevention / Anti-Bullying


Please Note - Information concerning Suicide Prevention and West Virginia’s “Jamie’s Law” was initially reviewed and discussed with students on August 26, 2015.


Please check back for more information as the school year progresses.


If you feel that a student, or any other person you know, may be in danger of committing suicide, seek help immediately.” 1-800-273-TALK (8255)  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.



OHHS anti-bullying statement (click to download flyer)


Bullying is Not Tolerated at Oak Hill High School. If you witness bullying of any kind, remember these three steps:
1. Step In – Take the opportunity to intervene on the spot when you see a situation occur.
2. Reach Out – Everybody, not just students, not just teachers, everybody should reach out to a student who has been involved in a situation to make sure they are okay.
3. Get Help – For many people this is a forgotten step. Be willing to get the details of the situation and report them to the right person in our building.


WV Safe Schools helpline 1-866-SAFEWVA (1-866-723-3982)