Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga11e Help - Oak Hill Complex Schools

For Oak Hill High School, Oak Hill Middle School, and New River Intermediate School Last Updated: 8/19/2021 1:20 AM

Please read both of the following documents for

important beginning instructions:

Getting Started (Part 1)


Getting Started (Part 2)


Login to your computer with your assigned Office 365 username and password, then connect to your home wireless.


If you get this message:


  We can't sign you with this credential because your domain isn't available 



then that means for whatever reason, the student's profile did not get stored

on the computer before it left the school. If you take the computer close to

ANY school building until you see a school's wireless network name

(OHHS, CMS, NRE, etc.) then it should connect to it.

At that point the student can log using the provided username and password.

If the student gets logged in, wait and let the computer load everything

(you should see Teams load). At this point DO NOT just close the screen.

Please shut down using the Start button, Power, then Shut Down.


To test whether this worked, move away from the school building

(and therefore the connection to the school wireless) and then turn it back on

and try to log in. If it works, you are in!

If not, the device will need returned to the school for repair or replacement.


ATTENTION! If you see the message below on your issued student computer after you connect to your home wireless:

                                              Captive Portal image


Put in your Office 365 email address and password and hit 'Login'.

Login to Clever to access Schoology, Office 365, Odysseyware, and other programs.

Clever shortcut link should be in one of the Web Sites folders on your Desktop, but here it is:




Need tech support?  Email: