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From Principal Katie Hayes:

At Oak Hill High School, we care about our students.  We care about their academic achievements, their safety and their emotional well-being.  These past five years our faculty and staff have been committed to improve the culture and climate at our school.  As a recipient of the Safe and Supportive Schools grant, our school was in a position to truly address the needs of our school community. Our students, parents and teachers take surveys addressing safety, engagement and environment every spring.  From that survey data, we make a plan to improve.  Each year of our grant we have improved our School Safety Index score, which is on a 9 point scale.  Our 2013 score was a 3.9, and in 2014 our score jumped to 4.2.  Through work with this grant, we have improved teacher collaboration, school pride, discipline and attendance rates and overall student involvement.  We have seen a steady decline in discipline referrals and a steady increase in attendance rates for both teachers and students.  


We attribute a portion of our success to the implementation of our Freshman Academy in the 2010-11 school year.  Our 9th graders have a separate wing of our building which houses all freshman core classes, homerooms, and lockers.  All academy teachers participate in professional development specific to the issues of transitioning 9th graders. 


We have many successes to celebrate at Oak Hill High School; however, we face many challenges daily.  It is so rewarding being a part of an administrative team, faculty and staff that works tirelessly to make life for our students better every day. 


Katie Keffer Hayes




From Assistant Principal Chad Quesenberry:

A primary goal of every successful school should be continuous improvement.  At Oak Hill High School, we have targeted a number of areas that we wish to improve upon each year, with our graduation rate being a primary focus.  Through our many concerted efforts we have seen our graduation rate rise from 71% in 2011-2012 to 80% in 2013-2014.  As the former graduation coach I can speak to the dedication and compassion our faculty and staff have when it comes to helping our students stay on the path to success.  Due to the level of trust and commitment we all have to the common goal of improving education for kids, we have been able to usher in a new era of innovative and intricate programs to fill our needs.  Some of the programs and resources we’ve allocated to improving our graduation rate include credit recovery options for students and teachers.  Students will be able to recover credits lost through an online curriculum in content specific courses.  We have also implemented Instructional Intervention Teams (IIT) and Student Assistant Teams (SAT) that include teachers from multiple subjects, administrators, and counselors to provide interventions for students having trouble in a single class or classes.  Not losing sight of the importance of including a supportive home environment for student success, we also conduct home visits throughout the course of the school year.  These visits can include, but are not limited to counselors, administrators, PRO Officer, and/or the attendance director.  Over the course of the past several years, our methods have certainly changed concerning how we prepare students for the future, but the expectations are still as high as ever. 


Chad Quesenberry

Assistant Principal




From Assistant Principal Brandy Thomas:

Here at OHHS, our main focus is providing a quality learning experience for all students through the various curricular and extracurricular opportunities available. Our focus as educators will continue to be on preparing students for college and careers by developing essential skills and behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. Our teachers provide relevant, engaging content while building strong relationships with all students and families.

We are blessed to have a faculty and staff at OHHS that is dedicated to work hard and meet the individual needs of our students while keeping families informed and connected. Also, as Assistant Principal of OHHS, I am committed to ensuring that student needs and interests help guide instruction and extracurricular opportunities. We will continue to assist your student in their commitment to maintain positivity and become a contributing member of our school and community by providing your student with the best opportunities to grow academically and individually. 


Brandy Thomas,

Assistant Principal


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