PODCASTS - Students, Parents, and Educators

Inspiring and Enriching - Give them a try

Check out the pages for some fantastic podcasts.  Listen when you are just chillin' out. Listen when you are on a road trip with your folks or on a bus trip with the school.  If you are having trouble sleeping start a podcast to help you clear your mind and get centered with yourself.   You are in control of what your mind does, be productive.


The Unstoppable Teen is a wonderful website that has podcasts available to enrich the teen mind and help you think things through in a positive manner.  Mind you, the guy that does the podcast from The Unstoppable Teen is British, so you don't be shocked when he starts talking. I have selected and listened to several of his podcasts and I cannot find anything that would not be appropriate for our students. 

Inside the website, the host has made some recommendations for other Inspirational Casts that can help to not only entertain you but help inspire confidence in who YOU are as a young man or young lady.

Here is a sample of one of UT- podcasts entitled:  How to do Better In School, It's probably not what you think.....


Encouraging Teen Girls and Their Self-Confidence


The Empathy Wall - sample for Parents and Educators

FOR all adults - Dr. Caroline Leaf Episode 1 - The Power of the Mind, a sample of her podcasts to aid our personal growth