Something to Think About

Week of September 23, 2019

Today marks the last week of the first month of school. I haven't written anything for a while but wanted to just let you all know that our kids totally rock.  I am so proud of our students, teachers, administrators, and parents.  We had a rocky first few days with the busses but since we settled in after Labor Day, it keeps getting better.  Everyone has been stepping up and truly showing Red Devil Pride in our school and with how our students are smiling more this year.  Well, ooooraaaa,

Have you ever noticed how a smile can change not only the other person's day but your own as well?  I was taught early on that a sense of humor can help get one through the roughest of times.  Early on, I had a goal to make at least three people smile every day.  Compliments, eye contact, or hugs/high 5s/ fist bumps... Making someone else happy always made me happier.  Today, I try to make our kids start their day with a smile when they are entering school.  I want them to know that they will always matter and if they start the day with a smile, it makes everything seem better.  

No matter what you are going through, think about making another person smile.  See what you feel in your heart and how it lifts your own spirits.  Just something to think about.


Week of May 6, 2019

Wow, the year went by so fast.  Our students rocked the year. I am so proud of all that has been accomplished. Everything that was achieved here at Collins (OHMS) was achieved by honest hard work and all of those who strived to be their best, KUDOS, you have earned your break and rest from the regimentation of school.  Those who decided not to strive, please use the summer to ponder what it is you want.  Do you want to be a victor? Do you want to change your "stars"? Do you choose to make the changes necessary to become successful?  Every single student we have here is fully capable of succeeding and defining their success along the way. Please consider reading books, articles, magazines, blogs, etc this summer.  Keep your mind active and do some life learning (that learning that makes you happy, the learning that makes you dive deep).

I am always wanting to learn, to explore, to figure things out, to just expand my thoughts and brain so to speak.  My greatest hope is that our students will gain that curiosity bug and strive to be their best selves in all aspects of their lives. Even if they don't like something, keep plugging away, they can get this thing we call EDUCATION.  I say this because no matter what situation we are in growing up, being grown up, etc.... education is our way out, education is the way we find the path that is for us, education is that tangible thing that gives each of us an amazing power to use to advance ourselves.

Take hold, keep pushing yourselves, reach out to your teachers, be respectful to them in ALL WAYS, our teachers are there for your success. Our teachers have that innate gift of being able to get the standards across.  Our teachers, personally, you couldn't ask for a better group of gentlemen and ladies to enhance your brains. Stay your course, practice self-control, and purpose in your hearts and minds that you will do your best no matter what.

BE YOUR BEST SELVES ... and if you make a mistake, learn from it, and purpose to not do it again. Know you are cared about, know you are loved by the faculty and staff, know that YOU matter.


HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER and I can't wait to see you in the fall.  If you ever need anything, I am still around even on break. shoot an email with your parent's permission, I will get back with you ASAP.


Week of April 8, 2019

Wow, what a ride this semester has been.  We have been going nonstop and it seems like we are ready to drop. The students have been an absolute joy to work with. Our administrators work tirelessly to help better our school. Yet again, our teachers rise to the level of excellence working diligently to help our students learn the standards and in my mind find a love of learning that will last their entire lives. 

For example, I walked into Ms. Hogan's room yesterday and the projects they were doing were poems about themselves, they got to write them out, then put them to WORD, print them and then decorate them.  The processes they learned may not sink in until later, but their insight into themselves was a beautiful thing to see.  It truly humbled me. 

The other thing that has struck me this semester is there are so many of our students that think because they don't feel book smart, the words that are said are, "I am dumb", or "I feel stupid", or "I can't do this", they feel like they are worthless (and that is just not so). This language and defeatist attitude are what each of us needs to battle and overcome.  I explained to one young man, Just because you may not feel that you can do this, or do that, there are things that you will excel at.  Tell me what you are good at, then he proceeded to tell me about ATV riding, dirtbikes, and fixing them. I then showed him how he is responsive, has quick reflexes, has great balance, and if he can fix them he has learned fractions and tolerances and torque and so on.  He can use history, science, math, and even ELA and apply the love he has for bikes to his learning here at school and beyond. He can learn on his own at home and through watching others but even then he has to work at it, learning is not free. ...  When he realized that everything in some fashion or form is connected, he relaxed, then he did start working on his division.  He found out that he is indeed smart and that he can do what is assigned. He just has to want to.

We don't have to be all book smart to be successful, but we do have to develop the will and the power of YET, to become successful. When we work towards finding what it is we love: art? the medical field? engineering? strategizing? history? becoming a mechanic? pursuing technical jobs? becoming a trucker? no matter what it is, we can develop the mind that will help us communicate, help us think, and build ourselves up.   

This not just for our students. It's for all of us combined.  We can each do anything we set our minds to, we may have to make adjustments, we will fail, we will get back up, and keep going.  We are worth being the best that we each can be.  It may seem like forever, but it is actually, just YET.  

I hope that you all decide with me to strive for excellence. We may never be perfect, but we can achieve excellence. I believe in you.


"When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

- Paulo Coelho -



Week of January 28, 2019

It's been a few weeks, just wanted to share something from this past weekend and follow it up with a quote or two.  This weekend was a good weekend for reflection, besides all of the chores that exist when caring for a family, working, and doing classwork. And the best place for me is Hobby Lobby and all of the wonderful quotes, sayings, and verses. So, being there on Saturday, naturally, I saw a bunch of quotes that were absolutely spot on, the one the really stood out is this, "IF YOU CAN BE ANYTHING...BE KIND". Oh, how important this is because when are kind to others, everything else just falls into place. Our relationships improve; our interactions with acquaintances; and our over feeling about who we are as human beings become better.  As students, parents, and educators, we often forget the simplest thing to do when we are relating with other people and that is showing kindness.  A simple act of kindness can make a person's bad day less bad, can lift a person's heavy heart, or even change the mind of one who might be intent on being ornery.  Kindness comes in many forms.  How might you show kindness, teach kindness, and live as a kind person?

Kindness to me is the 4R's all rolled into one.  As we begin the week, consider doing one extra thing for someone this week that you normally would not do.  Consider this week being the face of kindness. Think about formulating a system of habits that improve who we are. When we formulate a system, we purpose in ourselves what it is that we wish to become.



Week of January 14, 2019

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. I was thinking this past weekend about how so many of our students are searching for something that gives them a purpose. During our middle school years, we are riding an emotional roller coaster ride that we think we will never get off of. Well, the roller coaster will continue throughout life but how we deal with our emotions during the ups and downs, twists and turns, and even those loop-de-loops will determine if we survive the ride so to speak. Some core things we can start with is developing a personal philosophy and purposing in ourselves to live by.


Some might say this is impossible or it will never happen.  Well, I would disagree. You see our parents/guardians/grandparents start at an early age instilling some core beliefs that ultimately stick with us: don't lie, be kind, be obedient, respect your elders, have integrity, and etc.. We learn these core values and continually build upon them throughout our lives.  One thing I can recall is my grandmother constantly telling me that "I can't fight my way through the world." It took a long time to realize what she meant. She meant that I needed to find what made me happy and gave me peace by ceasing to fight everyone that was trying to help lead me. Once I learned that bit, school started to get better and so did my relationships. And so to can it get for our students, your children, our parents, and teachers/faculty.  It's never too late to re-evaluate and change direction if we need to


Think this week about what values you have had instilled/taught to you and how you react to those teachings. Do you fight them or do you respect them and try to follow through? What are your personal beliefs? What "phrase" would best describe how you want to live your life?


Week of January 2, 2019

We often go through life trying to fit huge plans into small amounts of time, when this happens, we are overloaded and we eventually go kaput. However, the following snippet was submitted via an email from Mrs. Schrader and it came from Dr. Abby.  We know what it is we need to do, if we break our years down to months, our months down to weeks, our weeks down to days, and our days down to hours and strive to make each hour mean something and accomplish something. We would then be on our way to managing ourselves rather than the clock dictating to us.


JUST FOR TODAY: I will live through THIS DAY ONLY. I will not brood about yesterday or obsess about tomorrow. I will not set far-reaching goals or try to overcome all of my problems at once. I know that I can do something for 24 hours that would overwhelm me if I had to keep it up for a lifetime.

JUST FOR TODAY: I will be happy. I will not dwell on thoughts that depress me. If my mind fills with clouds, I will chase them away and fill it with sunshine.

JUST FOR TODAY: I will accept what is. I will face reality. I will correct those things that I can correct and accept those I cannot.

JUST FOR TODAY: I will improve my mind. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration. I will not be a mental loafer.

JUST FOR TODAY: I will make a conscious effort to be agreeable. I will be kind and courteous to those who cross my path, and I’ll not speak ill of others. I will improve my appearance, speak softly, and not interrupt when someone else is talking. Just for today, I will refrain from improving anybody but myself.

JUST FOR TODAY: I will do something positive to improve my health. If I’m a couch potato, I will get up and move. If I am a procrastinator, then each day will have me doing one extra thing to get it off my todo list.

JUST FOR TODAY: I will gather the courage to do what is right and take responsibility for my own actions.

This is a way for us to not become overwhelmed, to find peace amongst the chaos, and taking each day one day at a time.