What we tell ourselves is what we believe. What we believe will determine if we are going to be successful in life. The way in which we process those beliefs will help us learn what it is we want to become.

Kind of long isn't it?  I firmly believe in speaking truth into my life and into those I meet or counsel.  If we speak negative or "death/Failure" then that is what happens.  Every student here at Oak Hill Middle deserves to have life and truth spoken to them to help them learn to believe it themselves.

The goal with Mantras/Affirmations is this, doing something for 21 days forms a habit.  Good Habits/Good "addictions" build us up.  We want to raise our students up, they can become more than what they believe. YET


APPS:  some are free and some are subscriptions ... some are a mixture of both.

STOP BREATHE and THINK from Google Play

CALM from Google Play