Annual School Secretary Inservice Training Sandy Bair Perfect Attendance Last Year (3 years in a row) Judy Duncan Cafeteria Manager at Gatewood 15 years of Service Melissa Thomas Cook at Rosedale Elementary 5 years of Service Katrina Brown Cook at Fayetteville Elementary 5 Years of Service Lois Bays Cook at Midland Trail 5 years of Service Margaret Pennington, around noon, took the ALS - Ice Bucket Challenge Valerie Wilson and Lori Whitt  (State Dept. of Education) assist students with the New ActivTable at Valley Elementary
Review of 2010-2020 Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP)

Fayette County Schools is in the process of reviewing its 2010-2020 Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP).  A review committee representative of the five high school attendance areas is reviewing the existing CEFP and making recommendations regarding an amendment to the plan.  Any proposed amendment must be submitted to the West Virginia Board of Education and the West Virginia School Building Authority for consideration of approval.


Citizens who are not members of the official CEFP Review Committee are welcome to attend all meetings.  The schedule of meetings is available at /userfiles/993/Schedule%20for%20the%20Review%20of%20CEFP%20Revised%20091814.pdf.


Fayette County Schools welcomes citizen input as it seeks to provide facilities that support student learning.  For more information regarding the review of the CEFP, please contact Dr. Serena Starcher, Interim Superintendent, by telephone at (304) 574-1176, ext. 2122.

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Underwood Smith Teacher Loan Assistance Program

The Underwood-Smith Teacher Loan Assistance program has been created to help teachers who are teaching (1) high need subject areas or (2) in geographic areas of high need to pay back their federal student loans. Priority is given to first-time teachers. If a teacher is teaching full-time in either a high need field or in a geographic area that has a critical need, then the teacher can qualify for $2,000 toward repaying his/her student loans in return for teaching two (2) years at a West Virginia public school and can receive up to $15,000 total toward his/her student loans. This is an effort to help West Virginia public schools recruit and retain teachers.


Applications and additional information can be found at:


Should teachers have any questions about this opportunity, they are encouraged to contact the State's financial aid office at 304.558.4618.

2014-2015 Fayette County Calendars


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Strategic Plan (2012-2013)

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